S. Pilré

It is with great happiness and affection and a feeling of gratitude that I write this email to thank the entire team and especially those behind the scenes of everything that provided me with the best conditions to perform my work.
I celebrate these 4 years with a lot of dedication and commitment, and I hope to continue to be able to collaborate with the house that welcomed me and launched me into the world of work.

N. Florencio

Having finished the physiotherapy sessions last Tuesday, August 8th, I come to give my opinion on the physiotherapist Joana Gonçalves. I am pleased to express my recognition for the excellent personal and professional qualities shown, showing competence, responsibility and high professionalism. I liked the performance and thank you for the valid contribution you made to my recovery.

M. Helena Martinez

I am fully recovered from my surgery, thanks to your physiotherapy treatment that accompanied me for 2 months and that made me walk again, for which I am forever grateful.

Victor Assumption

I can't help expressing my satisfaction with the results that Reabilitar em Casa has been achieving in such a short period of time, thanks to the determination and experience of its employees, who are of an unbeatable dedication. Well there!

C. Ferreira

I knew Reabilitar em Casa through ACP.

At the time, I was looking for a caregiver who could assist me in supporting and accompanying my father, who has a very serious health problem, and the fact that he is a company that works with ACP was the factor that led me to contact them by trust that such a relationship inspires me.

In good time I did it!

Of course, the adaptation was somewhat complicated at first; it is not easy from one day to the next to have someone we do not know at home, taking care of the people we love most and who are weak and sensitive. But to all the doubts and questions, over there on the phone at Reabilitar em Casa was someone who listened and supported us. That taught us how to overcome one or the other against time. And the relationship grew stronger, the problems were overcome, and, in fact, the decision to hire Reabilitar proved to be right. The caregiver today is a friend of my father and the accompaniment he gives has given us a lot of physical and mental rest. I definitely recommend it!

For days

We are very pleased with your collaborator JC, he is extremely punctual and respectful, he takes care of my father with all the attention and sympathy and he has proven to be a great professional.
Thank you!

R. Feliciano

… I emphasize that we are very satisfied with the collaboration provided by your staff, and that our reference is for her, for her personality and professionalism, she has established a relationship with my husband who has been benefiting him positively; that fact makes me very calm.


With regard to support / hygiene, it has been fundamental to maintaining my father's quality of life and hygiene. This is a patient with depression syndrome who, in his clinical situation, with many behavioral changes, is unable to provide basic hygiene and food needs. He is currently in post-operative recovery from fracture of the femur, which is why it is really essential to have support in daily hygiene and nutrition.
I hope to continue to count on your collaborators who have been a great support for the improvement of my parents' daily life (in physical therapy and home support).

S. Borges

I have Rehabilitate at Home in the highest regard, and I will recommend them to anyone I know needs. We should not look at the people and companies that provide care even if paid without remembering that they are companies made by human beings, and we only remember when something is not right, we should and I always do it, be grateful when they are human and ethical professionals , responsible, dedicated. Thank you very much for everything and congratulations to all your professionals who make better days for their patients and your company, a reference in your area.

I. Almeida

My father, despite being a military doctor in retirement, has been very resistant to leaving home to go to the doctor, due to his old age. With some insistence from the family we managed to convince him to be consulted at home. Dr. PE was very attentive to my father, my father loved him, I was lucky to have met you! Thanks.

J. Narciso (son of ex-military)

… .The nursing team of the vascular surgery service as well as the doctor responsible for my father at the Military Hospital in the last routine consultation and treatment, praised the nursing services of the Rehabilitation Company at Home with HUGE MERIT… because it managed to prevent the foot right was amputated. (not forgetting that my father's situation is the amputation of his left and bedridden leg).

SSocial, Assoc. Def. Armed Forces

Thank you very much for the information sent. Allow me to congratulate you on the solution found. The Nursing service is, in fact, a necessity of Mr. José (at the moment) and, in order to complement this nursing support, I arranged with the Military Hospital to request some anti-bedsore material to support the position of the DM. I am very grateful for your best collaboration in jointly supporting this case.

S. Ferreira (Mother)

I strongly recommend Reabilitar em Casa, since in addition to being excellent professionals, they have a fabulous human approach, particularly useful with regard to our specific situation, as our daughter was 8 months old when she started the sessions to correct a PLAGIOCEPHALY , and today, at 10 months, the situation is practically reversed. Many thanks to Physiotherapist Rita Cosme, for being sensitive to the particular situation and for recommending the Physiotherapist with a specialization in Osteopathy that is most suitable for this clinical situation, and thank you very much for the "magic" hands of Physiotherapist André Pereira and his sensitivity to deal with our daughter, who even fell asleep calmly in the sessions, providing a peaceful and peaceful treatment while still being effective! Thank you!

A. Oliveira

I had a problem with my big toes, I consulted two podiatrists, but I was unable to improve. Until at the recommendation of the Physiotherapist at Rehabilitar em Casa who is treating me, the company's podiatrist came to my house to consult me ​​and found that I had He cut my nails as much as possible and indicated the treatment to be applied after the treatment. The last time he came to see me, nothing hurt anymore and according to his statement I already had the problem solved. that I was treated in a spectacular way, I stopped feeling pain and I consider myself cured.

L. Walnut

I would like to express my appreciation for your work. We had no idea that Occupational Therapy was so important in rehabilitation. The work carried out between the Physiotherapist and the Occupational Therapist were fundamental for my father's recovery after the stroke. We are grateful for your work! Well there.

M. Engracia

On behalf of my mother ME, I thank you for all your attention and kindness. Right now my mother is with me at her house in Ponte de Lima. (…) I fondly remember your therapists, especially the one who accompanied her the longest, T.Rita, we talked a lot on the cell phone, it was very important for my mother's recovery in terms of speech and even in the cognitive part. Today, despite her advanced age, my mother has improved at all levels.

Thank you very much, good health, many successes and may everything smile for you!!! ?

F. Albuquerque

I did not want to end without thanking, in my personal name and in my mother's name, the services that they provided, as well as the attention, diligence and affection shown by the Speech Therapist provided by you and who throughout all these months accompanied my mom.