General and Family Practice

Family and General Practise

Medical specialty that follows the individual's long-term health. All age groups.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

Physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments, specialized for infants, children, adults and the elderly.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Treatments in the areas of language, speech, reading and writing, voice, verbal articulation, disfluency, orofacial motricity and swallowing. Children and adults.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

It promotes the individual's ability to take care of oneself. From basic self-care such as eating or dressing to performing more difficult tasks such as driving a car or performing a work activities.We focus on stimulation of cognitive components, attention, language, reasoning, concentration, memory, planning, organization, and orientation in space and time.



General and Specialized Nursing Care.


Podiatry is the specialty of medicine that is dedicated to analyzing, diagnosing and treating various disorders related to the feet including skin and nail diseases and biomechanical foot changes.

Specialized Services

Our performance at home, can go through different areas of intervention according to the need of each clinical situation: