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Team of specialized and certified professionals in Complementary Health Care Services.

Our team is composed of a group of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nurses, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists, who through their vast experience, guarantee an adequate monitoring and a high quality service.



  • Improve the quality of health care provided.
  • Promote the development of self-care.
  • Ensure continuity of care for dependent patients before or after hospital discharge.

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I knew Reabilitar em Casa through ACP.

At the time, I was looking for a caregiver who could assist me in supporting and accompanying my father, who has a very serious health problem, and the fact that he is a company that works with ACP was the factor that led me to contact them by trust that such a relationship inspires me.

In good time I did it!

Of course, the adaptation was not immediate; it is not easy from one day to the next to have someone we do not know at home, taking care of the people we love the most and who are weak and sensitive. But to all doubts and questions, on the other side of the phone Rehabilitate at Home there was someone who listened and supported us. That taught us how to overcome one or the other against time. And the relationship grew stronger, the problems were overcome, and, in fact, the decision to hire Reabilitar proved to be right. The caregiver today is a friend of my father and the accompaniment he gives has given us a lot of physical and mental rest. I definitely recommend it!

C. Ferreira
In-Home Care
I had a problem with my big toes, I saw two podiatrist, but I couldn't improve.
Until at the recommendation of the Physiotherapist at Reabilitar em Casa who is treating me, the company's podiatrist came to my house to consult me ​​and discovered that I had sores under my nails.
He cut my nails as much as possible and indicated the treatment to be applied after the treatment.
The last time you came to watch me, nothing hurt anymore and according to your statement I already had the problem solved.
It remains to be said that I was treated in a spectacular way, I stopped feeling pain and I consider myself cured.
A. Oliveira

I strongly recommend Reabilitar em Casa, since in addition to being excellent professionals, they have a fabulous human approach, particularly useful with regard to our specific situation, as our daughter was 8 months old when she started the sessions to correct a PLAGIOCEPHALY , and today, at 10 months, the situation is practically reversed. Many thanks to Physiotherapist Rita Cosme, for being sensitive to the particular situation and for recommending the Physiotherapist with a specialization in Osteopathy that is most suitable for this clinical situation, and thank you very much for the "magic" hands of Physiotherapist André Pereira and his sensitivity to deal with our daughter, who even fell asleep calmly in the sessions, providing a peaceful and peaceful treatment while still being effective! Thank you!

S. Ferreira (Mother).