Reabilitar em Casa invests in a new dynamic of health care at home, where the User is at the center of Care, with an integrated and patient-centered approach.
In-Home Hospital

Home Hospitalization is a model of hospital care for the acute patient, which is characterized by the provision of differentiated care in the post-hospital discharge.

It is intended for acute patients with pathology of high complexity but with a condition that allows hospitalization at home.

After assessing the patient's condition to fully analyze their needs, a therapeutic plan is established and followed by a multidisciplinary team.

Complexities vary between: high, medium and low complexity (with or without mechanical ventilation)

Benefits for the patient

Humanizing care, offering differentiated hospital-level treatment in the comfort of your home

Reduce the rate of complications related to hospitalization

More time from the multidisciplinary team for the individual / exclusive dedication

Reduced risk of mortality, infections, falls and depression

Better articulation with primary health care

All from the comfort of ones own home!

Some of the criteria

Voluntary acceptance of home hospitalization

Medical and nursing criteria: stability of the clinical diagnosis; transient clinical situation (acute or chronic illness)

Social criteria: basic hygienic-sanitary conditions and habitability; existence of a carer specialist (if the patient is dependent on AVS)

Existence of a telephone or mobile phone for the purpose of contacting the team