Social Security

Covered Services:

  • Hygiene and personal comfort
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Preparation and monitoring of meals
  • Conversation, companionship and cognitive stimulation
  • Medical assistance
  • Accompaniment to the doctor and other exits
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Home Care Service uses Social Response to provide individualized and personalized home care for individuals and families when, due to illness, disability or other impediment, they cannot temporarily or permanently ensure the the completion of basic needs and/or activities of daily living, contributing to the promotion of their autonomy and the prevention of situations of dependence or their aggravation.

Due to the progressive aging of the population, situations of physical and psychological vulnerability occur more frequently, which can lead to the appearance of chronic pathological situations and, in most cases, lead to dependence within limits that are not always controllable by the individual and / or their family, as is the case with dementia. It should be noted that the situation of dependency can occur in any other age group, and may also need this type of Social Response.

By providing this service, Reabilitar em Casa aims to provide the well-being and individual development of its customers, in an atmosphere of emotional, physical and psychological security and in a perspective of Active Aging during the time of using Social Response, through service individualized and personalized, of close collaboration with the person (s) close (s) / family.

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