Over 10 years providing In-Home Care and Health Services.
Team of specialized and accredited professionals in the areas of Physiotherapy and Complementary Care in the Health Area.
We come to you!


Given the need to provide Physiotherapy services in the home environment of each patient, considering their limitation to be assisted in a context other than their home, Reabilitar em Casa was founded in 2004.
Our daily mission is to improve the quality of healthcare provided, promote the development of self-care and ensure continuity of care for dependent patients before or after hospital discharge.
Currently, due to the need to provide a more complete set of care, we provide Consultations of General and Family Clinic, Nursing Care, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

In order to provide an even more complete service to our customers, we provide Home Support Care (we are a licensed entity for that purpose) providing the well-being and individual development of customers in their Home, in an atmosphere of emotional, physical and psychic and in an active aging perspective, through individualized and personalized service, in close collaboration with the close person (s) / family members.

Our team, through its vast experience, guarantees an adequate monitoring and a high quality service. In order to identify the needs of each situation, Reabilitar em Casa establishes a personalized health care plan in collaboration with specialized doctors.

Dr. Rita Cosme, Technical Director