We are committed to continuous improvement and optimization of the processes that involve all of our services, as well as, of all the processes that result from the relationship with our customers.
In this sense, and because we want to maintain high levels of quality in the provision of services to all customers, we provide the document “FAQ's” frequently asked questions - which answers the usual doubts in the scope of our services.

In case of doubt or need for further clarification, be sure to contact us by the means at your disposal.

Yes. By law, a license for this activity is required. We are licensed by the Health Regulatory Entity (ERS), which is an independent public entity whose mission is to regulate the activity of health care providers. Our license is Nr. E135822.

Yes. We are licensed by Social Security. By law, the Operating License for SAD is necessary so that Social Support Establishments managed by Private Entities and Private Social Solidarity Institutions, can exercise activity. Our license is Nr. 50/2017.

Through the link below you can obtain information about the network of services and equipment licensed by Social Security.

“The Social Charter aims to be simultaneously a multi-purpose instrument of extreme flexibility in the fields of social information, to support decision-making support at different levels, to support institutional cooperation and, in particular, to inform the citizen”.


All of our health technicians are holders of a professional certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, a document that attests to the authorization to exercise the profession.

Our 1st visit has no cost. We travel to you to assess your needs, learn about your habits, tastes and concerns, in order to adapt our services, and meet the needs of providing the best care.

Upon the evaluation of our specialized health technicians, you will be given information about what care we recommend to be provided. It is up to the client and / or family to decide which services they want, we are flexible and adapt our team to their needs.

The services to be provided can be punctual or sporadic, for 365 days / year, 24H / day.

Expenses with the Domiciliary Support Service, provided by companies with a permit issued by Social Security, can be deducted from the IRS. You can deduct 25% of the amount of charges for households and home support up to a maximum of 403,75 euros.

Own, ascending and collateral expenses up to the 3rd degree (with incomes below the national minimum wage) are included.

Only that which is required by law for SAD - Home Support Service, in order to be informed about the services included in this type of support, obligations and / or rights.

For Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Nursing, ... and / or medical acts, there is no service provision contract.

We are the only Entity agreed with several public and private subsystems. They all have different rules.

Consult our Agreements or contact us for more information.