We know that a significant percentage of the Portuguese population, infected with the new coronavirus, will recover at home. For those who live alone or have a weaker family background, Rebilitar em Casa's Home Support services are the most correct, safe and effective option.

A New Age, A New Way of Caring.

A New Home Support Service for Seniors or Dependents is available, especially for the quarantine period.

At a time when we are experiencing a pandemic caused by the new coronavirus and when isolation at home is the main measure to prevent this disease, Home Support Services are increasingly necessary. 

Do you have Seniors or Dependents in the Family?

During this quarantine phase, in which many patients and dependents are at home, the Rehabilitation Services at Home are even more essential.

There are many children and grandchildren who cannot directly care for their most dependent relatives and live with the concern of seeing them alone and in need of follow-up care and assistance. If you are identified with this problem, then the services of Reabilitar em Casa are the solution to the end of your concerns.

During this pandemic period, benefit from our services, contact us for more information.